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This tool aims to provide a visual, dynamic representation of the UK Medicines Discovery Landscape. It is intended as a user-friendly interface that presents a simplified view of the UK opportunities. It allows users to access support to drive medicines discovery innovation and is available as a resource to all within and external to the UK. The KTN has assimilated data with a view of discovery, focusing on medicines of all types and therapeutic areas, contract research organisations supporting medicines discovery and the broader supply chain. This provides an understanding of the company landscape in the UK. The data set also includes an analysis of the other capabilities and supporting organisations in the UK including: academic expertise; Catapult Centres; Government bodies; Trade Associations; and Learned Societies. The tool allows the user to see, at top level, a snapshot of this landscape and then explore under different categories and subheadings. It allows users to narrow down searches by type of activity, location and signposting to the relevant website. The KTN referred to publicly available data for the landscape and has performed an in-depth analysis of the medicines discovery landscape.

How to use

How to use the tool

The KTN’s Medicines Discovery Landscape was designed to map the innovation landscape in medicines discovery to showcase the UK capabilities, enable the added leverage from external collaborations from outsourcing to strategic partnerships. In order to help with searching this data, we have categorised assets in a number of ways. On opening the medicines discovery landscape tool, you will see an overview of top-level infrastructure categories, with the numbers, within the bubbles, showing how many assets are held in each category. Clicking on one of the bubbles, the top-level infrastructure categories, will scroll the page to a map of the UK with bubbles, indicating the number of assets in each region.

On the overview page, selecting either the Contract Research Organisations or Medicines Discovery categories will present a number of service offerings or therapeutic area sub-categories respectively. Clicking on one of the sub-category options will scroll the page to a map of the UK with bubbles presenting the number of assets in each region, as with the other top-level categories. Clicking on any bubble on the map view will present the list view for that region. Alternatively scrolling down to the detailed search section, or clicking the button “Detailed Search” at the top of the homepage, allows the selection of all assets, a category or subcategory (if available) and subsequent filtering by typing in, sorting or selection of a specific region on the list view.

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